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the Infinite Power for
Greater Health and Vitality
of Body, Mind and Spirit

Universal Life Energy to Make Whole Body, Mind and Soul

The Seven Rays Healing is based on a very simple and powerful principle: health and well-being, in all of their aspects, depend on ordered energy; physical and emotional symptoms are a manifestation of disordered energy.

The Seven Cosmic Rays are pure orderly energy. When a Seven Rays Healer applies the appropriate ray frequency to a disorderly conditon of the physical body or emotion, balance and vitality are restored.

Now you can explore and learn hands-on, a universal technique: how to harness and apply the infinite life-force energy of the "Seven Rays" to transform and rejuvenate your life and make whole mind body and soul -- and to heal others from near and afar, directly or through the internet.

Once learned, the Seven Rays Technique is a tool for life!

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Alice Bailey, Mme. Blavatsky, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet expounded on the Seven Rays.

Recommended Reading: "The Seven Rays Made Visual; An Illustrated Introduction to the Teaching on the Seven Rays."