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The Seven Rays are Infinite Healing Power for perfect health. The technique is based on a very simple, but powerful principle. We know that everything runs on energy. Our bodies, minds and emotions run on energy. Health and well-being in all their aspects, depend on ordered energy. Emotional and physical symptoms are the manifestation of disordered energy.

The seven different rays correspond to the different functions and systems of the body.  Thoughts and emotions vibrate with a relatively light energy. The physical organs correspond to a more dense energy. Similarly, the Seven Rays are highly diversified in their healing powers. Each ray has a large number of sub-frequencies of energy force. Each ray is divinely designed for restoring and rejuvenating a particular organ or process.

The Seven Rays are pure orderly energy. Their frequencies are the expression of divine order. When a Seven Ray healing practitioner applies the appropriate rays to a specific condition of the physical or emotional body, balance and vitality are restored.

For more information on The Seven Rays, We recommend you read: Alice Bailey “The Seven Rays Made Visual," edited by Helene S. Burmester. 120 page in paperback with 26 Seven Rays symbols in colors. If you have any further questions, please email desertworior7rays@gmail.com

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