Louis M. Wilson


Availability: July, 2010
Tax Term: Full Time or Contract-To_Hire
Preferred Duration: Perm or long-term contract
References: by request

Contact Information: 807 N 1st St., Woodburn, OR 97071
Phone: (503) 989-7966 (c)

(503) 981-0501 (h)
e-mail: lou@gluefish.com
Text Resumé: http://www.gluefish.com/resume.txt

Areas of expertise:


Test Tool Development:

Web Application Testing In Excel (my own invention)

Suite of Functions in VBA to enable Excel user to write scripts to automate the execution, reading and writing to web pages. Includes tools for Javascript execution, Ajax, reading and writing to SQL databases, and an interactive macro recorder.

Software Quality Assurance:

  • Test Tool Developer
  • Senior QA
  • Test Lead
  • Test plan writing
  • Test script development
  • Test script automation
  • Test execution
  • Test lab management

Software Development:

  • Visual Basic
  • VB.NET
  • VBA
  • VBScript
  • ASP
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • SQL Server 7 / 2000
  • MySQL
  • DBase / FoxPro
  • Test Automation

Target Location:

  • Pacific Northwest


  • Software QA since 1994
  • DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 3.51, NT 4.0, 2000, Win XP, Unix and IBM Mainframe environments
  • Evaluated software written in C, C++, Visual Basic, DBase/Foxpro and Cobol
  • Back ends in DB2, dBase, SQL Server, Oracle, Informix and Sybase.

Entire spectrum of Software Quality Assurance:

  • Analyze and enumerate quality assurance requirements based on product specifications and/or interviews with management;
  • Discover missing specifications and write them when necessary;
  • Create Testing Approaches and Test plans based on those requirements;
  • Create quality metrics documents;
  • Design test scenarios and environments;
  • Design, build and manage Software test laboratories;
  • Select, implement and manage Defect Tracking software;
  • Write scripts of individual Functional Unit Test cases, Assembly Tests, Stress Tests, Installation Tests and Acceptance Tests;
  • Execute test scripts;
  • Rewrite test scripts into automation scripts;
  • Schedule and run the automated system;
  • Maintain execution logs;
  • Analyze the automated failures and write defect reports on them;
  • Add the failed items into a regression test suite; and
  • Train and manage others to do the above.


  • Test Automation:
  • SoapUI
  • Compuware QA Run
  • Rational Visual Test
  • HP/Mercury QuickTest Pro
    • Siebel add-in
    • Adobe Flex add-in
  • Mercury WinRunner
  • Mercury LoadRunner
  • Microsoft MS-Test
  • Microsoft WAST
  • Borland dBase 5 (DOS)
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro
  • DOS Batch File Automation
  • Databases:
  • Microsoft Sql Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Oracle 11i
  • Lotus Approach
  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft Access
  • Borland dBase 4 - 7
  • Ashton Tate dBase 2 - 3
  • Programming Languages:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6 with ADO, Activex Objects
  • Microsoft Basic (all versions since 1978)
  • Scripting Languages:
  • Lotus LotusScript
  • Microsoft VBScript
  • Microsoft VBA
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • ASP
  • PostScript
  • Platforms:
  • Windows XP Server, 2000, NT Windows 9x, 3.x DOS 2,3,4,5,6 IIS, APACHE Linux, Solaris, SCO Unix Mac OS: System 1 - 9 Mac OS X MVS

CSU Northridge, Northridge, CA

Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

1990-1991 Lifespring
2002-2009 Landmark Education
2006-2009 Toastmasters International

Volunteer Work:
1994-1998 Compuserve - Expert on LotusScript
2002-2009 Landmark Education - various roles including seminar and course production supervisor

Publication: WATIX (Web Application Testing In Excel).

Other experience relating to IT: Consultant, contractor, employee since 1984.Computer user and hobbyist since 1978.


Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, Oregon – 9/2010 to Present

Developer / QA Automation:  (back-end, on the Developer side) Design and write tools for rapid navigation through the App-Up Client and Developer Registration. Use SoapUI for design and execution of automated interface testing.


Wells Fargo Bank Data Center / International Wholesale Technology
Portland, Oregon – 4/2010 to 9/2010

QA Automation: Write a framework for working in the QuickTestPro 10 / Flex QTP Add-In environment, making easy keyword driven automation for the other testers.  Write Test Automation Plan, Automate the tests with QuickTestPro / Flex.

Development: Participate in planning sessions with development, QA, and the business, developing strategies for achieving the goals of the project.


Kronos Inc. Talent Mgmt Div.
Beaverton, OR 2005-2009

QA Automation:
Write test plans & test cases for assessment quiz scoring. Automate the tests with VBA, ASP.NET, Ruby/Watir. Write test plans & test cases for data validation, convert to automation with Silk Test, Ruby or VBA. Environment: .NET. Created test automation tools for ease of conversion of test scripts to automation scripts, and for ease of entry from spreadsheet data to database data for automated data access in tests.

Assessment Test Automation - with Excel/VBA/Ruby/Watir, created a test script that executes 450 iterations of Assessment tests in 4 hours, where each iteration had been taking 2 to 4 hours to do manually.

Assessment Renorm Automation - with ASP/SQL Server, created a tool that generates code behind assessments, where before the code was being hand written offshore.

Assessment Randomization Development - created tool for developers and testers to use to test a complex task solution in a few minutes, which would have taken them several hours to do manually. These tools were developed in a structured release environment (Agile) - from specification to testing to release.

Test Automation Tool Development: Developed a set of functions in Excel/VBA to automate web testing. Includes DOM handling of HTML objects, including JavaScript and AJAX calls. Concept similar to Ruby/Watir but in Excel environment.


Nike / World Headquarters
Beaverton, OR 2004-2005

Siebel QA Automation:

Set up test automation framework for use throughout company. Convert manual performance, functional tests for sales order entry, Web Applications into automated scripts: WinRunner for Siebel 6.5, and QuickTest Pro 8 for Siebel 7.7, .Net, PeopleSoft and Web applications. Created Excel tools for ease of conversion of test scripts to automation scripts, and for ease of entry from spreadsheet data to database data for automated data access in tests. Perform load testing against Siebel upgrades using LoadRunner. Train HR QA in QuickTest scripting.


Springfield, OR 2002-2003

QA Automation Designer / Programmer
Designed and developed an application making it easy for non-programming testers to write / convert test scripts to automated code.

QA Automation Developer
- Siebel Call Center - Automated Test Scripts for UI of Siebel 6.3 Call Center. Wrote and automated client-side performance tests for Symantec eService site using PCAnywhere / QA Run scripts in worldwide Symantec sites. Conducted load, stress and performance tests against Siebel desktop-based and web-based applications.

QA Director, QA-Run, Mercury QuickTest 7, WinRunner, LoadRunner, Rational Visual Test; VB6, VBA, Siebel 6.3, Siebel 7.5, Toad, Access, SQL Server, PCAnywhere, VNC, MS-Web Application Stress Tool


AIG SunAmerica Financial
Woodland Hills 2001-2002

Lead QA Engineer
Advisory Services: Wrote test plans and scripts based on Business Analyses. Supervised 3 to do script writing and regression, functional, bug fix testing, and reporting. Installed test automation. Installed and wrote web stress testing scripts. Managed bug tracking and assignment of bug fixes to specific development groups. Maintained stats on environment changes and bug counts for upper management. Reported to project lead.

General QA: Advised QA group on industry standard QA methodologies. Moderated a task group to facilitate communication between QA, Development and Business Analysis groups. Reported to Assistant Technical VP.

:Created new test plan for instrumentation and measurement of web page delivery system.

General QA: Created automated linkage to client and product specification pages, and to client sites and specification items using VBA on an Excel front end.

Environment: Visual Basic, VBA, SQL Server, ASP pages, APACHE on Linux; Oracle, TOAD; IIS; MS Web Application Stress Tester Bottom Line: Automation saved them 3 manual testers @ 40-50k / year.


Viasoft Software
Phoenix 1998-2000

QA Engineer
EPM - A Suite of tools used in software development, on mainframe and micro environments. Migrated products from VB3 procedural to VB6 object oriented processes. Converted 16-bit existing tools to 32-bit using Visual Basic 3, 4, and 6. Assisted in creating an Activex DLL to carry common functions. Developed internal tools used by management for maintaining databases of employees and skills. Developed analysis tools for testing group to verify that input of a program matched output. Maintained string tables in DLL’s in C++. Used Rational Visual Test.


Siebel Sales Information Systems
San Mateo 1996-1998

QA Automation / Test Lab Manager
Set up, managed 2 test labs and 1 training lab. Implemented procedures for rapid rebuild of lab systems using Ghost. Managed test runs in the labs. Supervised 2. Test Automation Developer Siebel Sales Enterprise - Software to automate worldwide sales & service effort. Wrote and conducted build acceptance testing. Conducted Installation testing, release management. Set up & managed company’s 80 seat training lab, conducted testing sessions there. Supervised 1. Used MS Visual Test version 4. Bottom Line: Test automation saved them 50-100 man days per year; Ghost implementation saved them 300-400 man days per year.


Hewlett Packard
Santa Clara, CA1995-1996

Lotus Notes Application Developer
HPNN (Hewlett Packard News Network) - Product Support bulletin board service. Designed and developed an application for automated import of data via FTP from various sources into Notes database. Developed data analysis tools for HPNN's Notes Administration. Used Notes 3, 4 LotusScript, MS Test 3, MS Visual Test 4. Managed 3 in the project. Bottom line: Automation saved them one man-year per year.

Borland International,
Scotts Valley, CA 1994

QA Automation / Test Lab Manager
Set up, managed 25 seat PC lab for testing multi-user applications. Novell Netware, Microsoft DOS and Windows 3.1. Test Automation Developer- dBase 5.5 - Commercial database product. Programming and running test software for dBASE 4, dBASE 5 and dBASE 5.5. Test Areas: UI Features (combobox, listbox, etc), Network features. Evaluated test failures. Wrote bug reports into a dBase/ Unix bug reporting system. Used dBase for test automation and bug tracking.